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Roof areas

Roof areas offer major potential for PV installations. Together with you, we can plan the optimal service package that suits you. With innovative drone planning, we make sure that your project is planned efficiently and realistically.

Areas that are already sealed, such as commercial parking lots, offer previously untapped potential for photovoltaics. In addition to generating electricity, you benefit from the advantages of a shaded and weather-protected parking space as well as a prestigious structure, which can generate multiple uses of your existing parking space.

Suitability criteria

  • Dimension: >2000 m² (approx. 300 kWp)
  • Network access
    • Proximity to transformer, substation
    • Proximity to commercial/industrial areas with direct line
  • Availability of the area
    • No redevelopment of the roof surfaces in the near future
    • Area available for at least 20 years

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