On April 13, 2023, RWA Solar Solutions held its free webinar on agricultural photovoltaics.

Combining energy and agriculture on one site creates new opportunities. Agri-photovoltaics, or Agri-PV for short, enables sustainable agricultural use and the generation of electricity on a single site. Our webinar was aimed, on the one hand, at all farmers interested in initial information on the topic and, on the other hand, at anyone who already includes Agri-PV in their budget but does not yet know quite how to make a start.

Webinar content

  • RWA Solar Solutions departments
  • Presentation on Eco-Solar-Biotope Pöchlarn
  • Which forms of cultivation are suitable for an Agri-PV system?
  • The results of our research partners on biodiversity and Agri-PVReports from the field
  • Funding opportunities
  • Questions & answers