Currently, a free-field photovoltaic plant is being built in Trumau on an area of 10 ha. The photovoltaic plant has an output of 10 megawatts and can thus supply around 3,000 households with green electricity in the future.

18,512 modules with an output of 540 kWp result in an output of 9,996.48 kWp.

Foundation of the substructure is made by driving posts. This means that the system can be dismantled almost without leaving any residue. The plant is elevated to 20 degrees and oriented southward. A high-voltage line runs across the PV system, which had to be taken into account during planning and execution. The PV system feeds into a nearby wind farm operated by EVN Naturkraft.

Further information

Occupied area
47.842 m²
Power Inverter